eCommerce Solutions

eCommerce SolutionsWe warn our customers not to fall into the "If We Build It, They Will Come" trap. As integral as it is to create an attractive site, back-office processes will make or break your effort. Making a profit through selling online involves some key steps and tools that Bombastic has proven experience launching for our customers.

  • ECommerce Platform Selection: There are literally dozens of ecommerce platforms available. They range from free to hundreds of dollars a month: how do you know which is right for your business? Bombastic is experienced at sifting through the options with our clients, matching up features with a business's needs.
  • User Interface Planning: How an online store is organized will directly impact the final purchase rate (and, in turn, the cart abandonment rate). Bombastic has a proven track record of site organization to help your users find the products they want.
  • Payment Methods and Gateways: Accepting payment online is not a straightforward process. Bombastic will explain all the options, list all the fees and costs, and get your business started on the way to streamlining your income and reporting.
  • Inventory Management, Shipping and Logistical Procedures: Another trap we see for our customers -- many times, they will focus on setting up the sexy online storefront, while neglecting the back room. It may be boring, but your P&L statement will live or die by how efficiently you fulfill orders. Our logistics background positions us to ensure you spend critical time upfront thinking through your fulfillment steps.
  • Integrate with a Full Marketing Program: While many eCommerce website designers have a limited scope, Bombastic builds every eCommerce site within a full marketing program. Having a site is not worth much if customers aren't finding it, or are abandoning their shopping carts before purchasing.

Engaging Online Storefront + Competent Back End Support = Sales