Marketing Programs and Services

Marketing Programs and ServicesThe internet has literally billions of websites up and running: a business must never be complacent about how users will find its site. But by reaching out to your customers, you can create a dynamic conversation that strengthens your product and builds lasting customer loyalty.

Bombastic works with our clients when they need a thorough and assertive online marketing plan. Each program is custom designed to consider the client's objectives, audience and budget. We can use some of the following tools, or all of them. It's your call.

  • Competitive Analysis: You need to see the industry as your customers do. Bombastic conducts full competitive analysis to give you the information you need to properly guide your communication strategy and online message.
  • Email Newsletters: A great way to keep in contact with past customers and future prospects, Bombastic can integrate email address solicitations into a website, create newsletter templates, and educate you on the various systems on the market.
  • Social Media: Many small businesses shy away from Social Media outlets such as Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook without investigating their value. Bombastic takes the mystery out of these valuable tools. Bombastic can either create and run a social media campaign for you, or provides support and training to help you run your own successful Social Media marketing plans.
  • Blogging: Blogging is a great tool for customer engagement, and does not have to be cumbersome or time consuming. Bombastic helps our clients create a strategic framework for blogging, researching the technical side of platforms and the creative side of writing. On top of it all, we understand how blogging can boost search engine rankings, and we can put that knowledge to work for you.
  • AdWords: Advertising online has its own structure and metrics. Bombastic works with our clients to find the best AdWords program for their budget, finding those hidden treasure keywords, and timing campaigns for optimum effectiveness.
  • Discount/Coupon Promotions: Promoting your business and services on coupon and discount sites such as Groupon and Living Social can boost name recognition, brand effectiveness, word of mouth, and search engine rankings. However, if done carelessly, these campaigns can be a drain on your employees and bottom line. Bombastic works as your advocate with discount sites to ensure your ultimate goal - the long-term growth of your business - is always the end game.
  • Print Coordination: Bombastic understands the value in providing a coordinated graphic design program for a business, and with our strategic partnership with Spin Graphic Design, we can integrate business cards and print brochures in our marketing programs.
  • Industry Specific Recommendations: Because we have worked with such a wide variety of businesses in a myriad of industries, we have a great background in what strageties are successful and are worth an investment. Whether it be joining a trade group, becoming involved in a Chamber of Commerce, strategically linking to a chartiable organization or blogging with an industry leader, we'll help you expand your thinking to come up with strategies for success.

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