Mobile Web Design

Mobile Web DesignWe've arrived at a point that has been anticipated for years: adults now spend more time surfing the web on their smartphones than on their desktop computers (as reported by eMarketer, 4/2015). It is critical that a website be designed from the bottom up with multiple devices in mind.

Not only is this important from a user experience perspective, but search engines such as Google have stated repeatedly that they will rank mobile responsive sites higher in their search results than sites that are not. In other words, not only do you lose users who might bounce away from your site quickly, but many users may not find you as your site is penalized on search rankings for being out of compliance with current standards.

Bombastic Web Design ensures that every site we create is built on a mobile responsive platform. No matter if we are creating the site from scratch in HTML5 and CSS3, or using a Content Management System such as WordPress, no site gets launched if it is not in compliance.

Why Not Use a Mobile Site Service?

Many of our clients are approached by companies who create stand-alone mobile websites. When asked, we advise all our clients that there are 2 primary reasons not to use these separate, "mobile" site services. First of all, two sites mean double the work. Double the maintanence when content updates need to happen, and double the costs as these services are far from free.

Secondly, Google and other search engines have explicitly stated that they do not consider these sites to be compliant with best practices. Therefore, they don't recognize them as a responsive site, and the website search rankings will be penalized if a site uses one of these services.

Bombastic Web Design can evaluate any existing site free of charge to let you know where it stands. We are happy to answer questions to help you ensure all users are viewing your information effortlessly.

Let Bombastic Ensure Your Site Will Be Seen By All Users.