How Bombastic supported the rapid launch of a consulting practice using a complete web design and digital marketing plan.

Thinking People Consulting logoTo kick off the launch of her new consulting practice, Thinking People Consulting, Amber Wendover contacted Bombastic Web Design. To help her ramp up her business and quickly establish her brand, Bombastic proposed a complete redesign and overhaul of her existing website, supported by a digital marketing & logo refresh.  It was an ambitious project with a tight deadline, but Bombastic’s structured planning process paved the way.

As Amber had a tight deadline, good communication was key. First and foremost, Bombastic focused on Amber’s goals for her company. What clientele was she targeting? What services would she offer? What tools did she need to drive traffic to her site? While working on this project with Amber, the Bombastic team ensured those goals were met while keeping the user experience top of mind. What features are important to users? Which ones aren’t? Sharing this information with Amber aided in her decision-making process as Bombastic helped her fine tune her online strategy.

Building an optimal user experience

Not only did Bombastic provide web design and development experience, they also provided copyrighting and editing expertise for Amber. With an experienced writer on staff, Bombastic assisted Amber in ensuring her copy was not only free of errors, but that it was clear and concise to users both in and outside of her industry. Bombastic stressed the importance of providing necessary information without overwhelming users with too much text.

Balancing the optimized messaging was the development of website features to support Amber’s business goals. Bombastic implemented many logistical support functions, such as incorporating online client booking and event registration. They also assisted in launching Amber’s blog as well as setting up social media accounts. All of this helped create a seamless, intuitive online experience for potential clients. In addition, Bombastic set up a Google Analytics account so that Amber could track her site’s traffic, allowing her to base her future marketing decisions on real data.

In under a year, Amber had over 1,600 followers on LinkedIn, a full calendar of projects and a long list of new clients.

Continued support and communication

After the website was launched, Bombastic provided ongoing branding support and ensured that all of Amber’s marketing materials all had the same look and feel. The materials covered a wide variety of uses including newsletters, PowerPoint templates, a branded YouTube channel, business cards and document templates. Bombastic also provided ongoing blog editing services, allowing Amber more time to focus on growing her business. As Amber’s business expanded, her website grew along with it, and Bombastic was there to make updates such as adding new events, client logos, and videos.

“The Bombastic Team focuses on their clients – truly going above and beyond. Not only does Bombastic provide web design and development experience, they also provide excellent copyrighting and editing expertise. It was great to know that not only the look and feel of the website was being paid attention to – but that the copy was getting strong attention too. After the website was launched, this team doesn’t leave your side, providing continuous support. I have truly enjoyed working with the Bombastic team and highly recommend them!”

Amber Wendover

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