Companies, like ideas, do not always have a clear origin story.  They germinate, and evolve, and develop over time.  Often, when it’s finally time to introduce a company to the world, so many layers have been laid upon one another, communicating what the company offers is very convoluted.

At Bombastic, we have a simple solution to this:  we ask our clients to start with Their Why.  Not what they are selling, or how they are distributing it, but Why they do what they do.  Why they have invested so much time and sweat in their company.  Where did their passion originate from, and what do they hope to accomplish?  As described by this somewhat-famous video by Simon Sinek, the ability to succinctly communicate your Why sets companies apart.

The Why behind Bombastic

What is our Why?  It started a long time ago, frankly before the internet was even a commercial venture.  When our founder, Amy, was in high school, she discovered photography.  For several years, you would find her wandering the halls with her camera, or in the dark room, developing black and white film.  She loves the medium and continues to tote a camera around more often than not.  In fact, her go-to stress-relief exercise over the years has always been a “photo safari”, when she takes her camera and wanders a compelling location for a day.

But, her love of photography was always counterbalanced by her inner technogeek.  She was programming BASIC in high school as well, and took electrical engineering camps.  Family members strongly encouraged her to pursue engineering in college, but it never quite fit her goals (and involved a bit too much Calculus for her liking). She needed a visual medium to balance her inner nerd.

When she found web design twenty years ago, it was a literal eureka moment.  “Taking a client’s message, and finding ways to use images and words and code to broadcast it to the world inspires me every day”, she often says.  It allows her to combine her two passions in a way she never conceived would be possible. Our Why in a simple phrase:  we love using technology to communicate and connect, and can’t imagine any other profession.

So, what is your Why?

Every marketing strategy must begin with a full analysis of the core business strategy. In fact, we suggest you develop it into a brand story. If they haven’t done it already,  we have our customers start with detailing their company’s mission statement, their value proposition to customers, and their 30 second elevator pitch.

When stuck, it never fails to frame this exercise with their Why, as it’s a perfect way to peel back the layers of planning and detail to get to the core of their passion. That’s where great communications begins.

About this post’s photo:  Amy took this photograph in Pioneer Square, the week before the Kingdome was demolished.  She scanned the black and white print into Photoshop and very gently colorized it recently. 


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  • Beth says:

    Your blog opens my thoughts to consider my personal Why into various aspects of my life and what my 30 second explanation would be for who I am. Thanks.

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