We’d like to open this blog post with what we promise is an authentic statement: every one of our clients is amazing.  We are lucky enough to work with innovators and dedicated professionals and inspiring philanthropists every day.  They are passionate about what they do, and skilled at how they do it. 

But this is tempered by the reality that brought them to us, the challenge that every organization faces eventually during this information revolution we find ourselves in.  The fundamental challenge of digital marketing strategy is the fact that every organization has to somehow translate that passion and experience into an assemblage of pixels.  And that assemblage of pixels has to help them build the relationships necessary in order for their organization to reach its goals.

communicating electronically

The foundation of every relationship – personal or professional – is trust.  Whether you are a business looking to grow your customer base, or a non-profit looking to build a donor base, that cannot happen without trust in your mission and its implementation.  Being that you have only seconds to make an impression online,  it’s critical to systematically plan your marketing to build trust in your products, your people, and your mission.

After working with companies and non-profits in all kinds of industries and sectors, we have zeroed in on the important steps to building trust through digital channels.  It’s not easy to use a two-dimensional screen to add nuance and personality, but that’s exactly what you can do.

building trust with digital marketing

First, show your expertise, don’t just talk about it.

Through strategic content like blog posts, case studies, videos and white papers, demonstrating your experience and understanding of your work is the evidence your prospects need to engage with you.  Just stating “We have several years of experience” is very different from showing how many projects, what kinds of problems have been solved, and what depth you bring to the transaction.  Prove your value in order to provide security to the prospect that you know what you are talking about.

Demonstrate your authority

Your prospects will seek external proof that you have the skills necessary earn their trust.  Find a simple way to include detailed, relevant and current testimonials from past projects.  This can be through a simple (and mobile-friendly please! ) slide show on your website.  In the About page on your website, include links to any certifications or associations that will add credibility to your background. Please keep in mind that this is an area where it is best to be selective.  Adding a laundry list of trivial accomplishments might make your organization look, well, trivial.

Design your digital platforms with a User First philosophy

Don’t forget that every digital expression of your organization – your website, social media accounts, and email newsletters to name a few – is a representation of your entire organization.  If you say that you put customers first, but bury your contact information on your website, how will that make them feel?  You need to design your processes online with the same care you design your face-to-face interactions. 

  • Minimize how many clicks it takes to purchase a product
  • Make sure your website loads quickly
  • Keep an eye on all your social media accounts to respond quickly to any and all concerns
  • Plan the customer journey on your website so that it is logical, simple, and anticipates questions

Use your branding strategy as a foundation for every piece of digital communications

Since you have only a few seconds to communicate what you bring to the table, branding is an important tool in your tool belt.  From consistent graphic design to a well-developed brand voice, you can use neuroscience to quickly communicate what you prioritize.  And keep in mind that the human brain is wired to associate consistency with a trustworthy nature. Take the time to plan out your branding strategy, and make sure you use it consistently across your content. 

In short, for all our experience in the world of digital agencies, and technical know-how, and piles of software, the team at Bombastic has found that no digital tool takes the place of authentic communication. As as one of the leading digital marketing agencies, we have learned that before you get bogged down in the latest digital fad, take a step back and evaluate whether you are doing all you can to earn your customer’s trust.


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