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Partnering with our clients as their business grows is one of the most satisfying parts of Bombastic’s mission. We have been supporting SoDo Consulting since their launch, providing web design and content marketing support as they focused on their mission of providing innovative and flexible human resources solutions for their clients.

As SoDo Consulting continued to pour their energy into growing their business and improving their service offerings, we realized that their website no longer accurately represented their work. The coding framework was built for older computer screens, and significantly limited how much rich content we could display. There was no way to provide detailed context of their work, and showcase the fact that they now support Fortune 50 companies around the world. If we wanted to improve the user experience on the site – and increase the amount of content – it meant moving to a new website platform.

Guiding the user experience through layers of content

First off, we completed a complete website planning process to identify what content needed to be edited, what content needed to be jettisoned, and what content we needed to create.

With the content identified, we added a design requirements layer. User experience was a top priority: adding content was a focus, but only if users could easily find the information they were looking for.

With our requirements solidified, we evaluated several platform options, made a choice, and then rolled up our sleeves and began to work.

Collaboration is key for creating rich content

Weaving together brand voice, important industry qualifiers, and proof of expertise required a high level of collaboration between Bombastic and SoDo Consulting. As we began to create our Success Story blog, Bombastic interviewed several key SoDo Consulting clients to capture evidence of SoDo’s unique approach to their work. Checking in with the SoDo team meant that we could nimbly create the content and incorporate their feedback as the build progressed.

A top priority for SoDo Consulting was to retain their history and original mission. Growth did not mean that they lost sight of their founding vision: helping people and organizations reach their goals. Through simple, personable imagery and important details like a branding video, we ensured their mission was the foundation of the entire site.

The new website as a foundation

The website continues to be a valuable tool for SoDo Consulting’s marketing efforts. Analytics have shown that website traffic has nearly doubled since launch. With the more flexible platform, we continue to add new Success Stories. Updating service offering pages is far quicker, allowing us to nimbly adjust as SoDo Consulting’s business continues to grow.

A big thank you to Amy Cast and the team at Bombastic Web Design and Marketing for their work on refreshing our SoDo Consulting website. We love it, and we love working with you!

Amy Brown
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