When do you know it’s time for a complete website redesign?  For the Greater Long Island Psychiatric Society, it came down to two simple questions.  First:  is the website still supporting our mission? And second:  is the technology up to date? A few months ago, they realized the answer to both questions was No.

The Society was in a unique position of having a longestablished website.  For the past twentyyears, Bombastic supported the Society with a flexible, cost-effective websitethat not only supported the general public, but also a vibrant Society membership.  The site has been used to post:

  • informational articles,
  • a custom-coded psychiatrist locator,
  • contact information and
  • legislative updates. 

To support the Society Membership,the website contained password-protected areas with event updates, speciallycurated articles, dues payment options, and officer elections.

However, the coding structure –while fundamentally optimized for mobile phones – was based on an oldstandard.  It became more and moredifficult for members to use their phones to interact with the Society andtheir fellow members.

On top of the usability issues,Bombastic alerted the Society that the coding structure was becoming astrategic risk.  Originally deployed byBombastic in 2011, fewer and fewer web hosting companies were using theframework. Bombastic knew it would be better to migrate the site thoughtfullythan in a fit of panic.

What might have been a reluctant project was quickly recognized as a great opportunity. Not only could we put the site on a stronger coding platform, Bombastic and the Society took this opportunity to redesign the flow of the website completely.

Building for the future

We took this opportunity toaddress structural issues and leap-frog over our current constraints onto anexciting new platform.  No more were wedealing with a restrictive coding structure – the new site is built onWordPress with a MemberPress addition. MemberPress offers top-of-class membermanagement features that will take pressure off of the administrativeoffice. 

In addition, Team Bombasticupdated the custom Psychiatrist Locator and integrated it intoMemberPress.  Now it’s easier than everfor Members to keep their public psychiatrist profile up to date. 

The new website has a robustblogging platform, which will now host the member newsletter. No more PDFs thatare cumbersome to download onto phones and difficult to search through. 

Starting with a blank slate meantthat we could easily reorganize content that had been built over years.  Articles were categorized, a list of onlineresources was scrubbed and improved, new vibrant photographs and icons wereadded to promote the Society’s branding and add some visual pop.

The password protected Member Resources page.

The best of both worlds

In the end, the Greater Long Island Psychiatric Society has a unique, powerful and detailed website that will support both its large member base as well as the general public. Bombastic was proud to partner with the Society to create such a valuable resource.

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