New year, new goals. Whether it be in your personal or professional life, using the flip of the calendar as a reminder to start fresh is a compelling habit. While you might want to catch your breath after the holidays, it is well worth your time to set aside an hour or two for some goal setting. A few clear goals – and planned strategies to meet them – will not only help your team operate more effectively together. It will also ensure you are using every last dollar of your marketing budget wisely.

What are your dreams for the New Year? Take 10 minutes to write down your most ambitious goals. You can’t achieve what you haven’t identified.

But as we all know, time is one of our most precious commodities. How can you use every last minute to your best advantage? We’ve compiled our Top 5 Marketing Resolutions to give you a full array of strategies and tools to get you started.

1. Give Your Brand Some TLC

For any organization, the brand is embodiment of what you offer and what you value. Through your digital media, messaging to clients, graphic design, and interpersonal interactions, you must take every opportunity to communicate what you offer and what you stand for. Investing time in building your brand is not only proven to help you gain and retain customers. It is also key for helping you understand where you fall in the competitive landscape of your industry.

2. Hunt for New Tools

It’s so easy to fall into habits when it comes to marketing. But while you might feel comfortable with the status quo, chances are your competition is not. Digital marketing is always ripe for innovation, and not only will it keep you competitively sharp, it can end up saving you time and money.

  • Artifical Intelligence is coming to digital marketing. Your website might be a perfect place for a chatbot.
  • Are SEO and digital advertising critical for your business? Check out in-depth SEO tools like SEMRush and Moz.
  • Looking for a simpler way to plan processes with your team? We love to play with Coggle. Check it out!
sales team hard at work

3. Strengthen Customer Relationships

Treating your customer base as a strategic asset is a practice all successful businesses master. Customer retention efforts get a much higher return on your investment than new acquisition efforts. If you need to systematize how you approach customer relations, a great place to start is a solid email marketing program. Another way to stay top of mind with you customers is through a custom mobile app for your business. When your programs are at your customer’s fingertips, it’s much easier for them to become repeat buyers.

4. Try Something New

Like the adage says, repeating the same things over and over – but expecting new results – is the definition of insanity. Set aside some of your budget (and schedule) to try some new marketing strategies to reach new customers in new ways. We put together a fun cheat sheet to kick you off. Maybe you just need to try a new angle on social media – here’s a list of platforms that could give you access to a whole new audience. And of course: when was the last time you refreshed the content on your website? Not only will updating your content keep you relevant to your customers, it will also get you some love from the SEO algorithms.

5. Shrink Your Sales Cycle

Another way to increase the bottom line is to speed up your customer’s sales journey. Have you optimized your website to capture each customer, no matter where they are in the sales funnel? The use of online ads – specifically remarketing ads – will help bring prospects to your website more efficiently. And lastly, have you thought of how your digital efforts support your interpersonal efforts? Having resources aligned throughout your digital materials will not only help your sales staff, it will help prospects find the solutions they need all the faster.