Built to always be there for your customers with a custom mobile app.

With Bombastic’s Custom Mobile Apps, you are ready to create a powerful new way to keep connected to your customers. Keep your services, products and message in the palm of their hands. Custom apps are one of the most powerful customer retention tools in the digital arsenal, and more accessible than ever. And data shows – customers love great apps and spend 9x more time on them than the web browsers on their phone.

Powerful, customer-focused features – built for engagement.

With our powerful app design tool, the team at Bombastic can create your app from a long list of options. The possible combinations are endless:

  • Encourage repeat business: Easily allow customers to book appointments, refill a prescription or order a new program.
  • Automated customer education: upload tutorial videos, FAQ lists and informational articles to keep your customers up to date and dedicated to your business.
  • Easy information sharing: automatically include your blog posts and video channel updates, right into your client’s phone with a great notification badge.
  • Direct eCommerce sales: incorporate your online shopping platform to make it easy for customers to shop again.
  • Build a competitive advantage: shine in a competitive marketplace with cutting age technology that makes customer support easy.
Report after report proves the benefits of mobile apps. Deloitte measured the benefits for the most digitally advanced small business and found:
  • Digitally engaged businesses earn twice as much revenue per employee;
  • They experienced four times as much revenue growth over the previous year;
  • They were almost three times as likely to have created jobs during the previous year.

Accessible technology for every sized company.

Our focus is your success, and the Custom Mobile App program from Bombastic gives every sized business the great sales benefits of an app. Our program is designed to integrate your existing content marketing program through automated feeds. We can also easily create new content and engagement programs that are easy to manage. Either way, a custom mobile app will allow you to give laser-like focus on your customer engagement.

Your website is designed to be viewed on any device, by any user. A custom mobile app designed for a specific purpose and is always ready to go on a phone with a dedicated icon. Apps load in a split second, save your customers time, and keep your brand front and center.

Unlock the power of custom mobile apps for your business.

Why wait any longer to engage your customers on a new level? Contact Bombastic today to learn how we can create an app that boosts your business.

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