At Bombastic, we pride ourselves on partnering with your clients to support their web design and marketing goals. Here are a few of the questions we often hear when we are getting ready to launch a project.

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Q: I’m starting a new business and I know I’ll need a website. How long before my launch should I contact you?

A:  As soon as you are ready. But rest assured, if you are pressed for time, we have a plan for that too. While it normally takes a few weeks to plan, pick a tool, and gather information for the site, we can get a single informational page up and running for you in just a few days if necessary.  We’ve done that for clients, as having a website is very helpful when creating social media profiles and business listings.

Q: I know I need to improve my marketing efforts, but I don’t know if it’s a new website I need. Should I still contact you?

A: Absolutely! We can evaluate your website and all your marketing efforts to help you pinpoint the problem and come up with a game plan.  We will help you get the best return for time and your budget.

Q: I don’t have a lot of free time to devote to my business marketing. Will my online marketing plan involve spending all day promoting my business on social media?

A: Definitely not. We create plans that match our clients’ availability and budget. And since everyone has a different comfort level (and enjoyment level) when it comes to social media, please know that it’s not an all or nothing game. It’s better to create quality over quantity.

Q: How will I know if my redesigned website  – or new marketing program – is making an impact on my business?

A: At Bombastic, we are all about data. We educate our clients on how to use tools such as Google Analytics to track the results of their marketing efforts, so they have a clear picture of what’s working and what’s not.

Q: I want to rewrite a lot of the content on my site. Do I need to hire a separate company to write my copy?

A: No. We offer copywriting, editing, and blogging. We start by listening to our clients to determine their voice and the message they want to communicate. We employ an interactive, cyclical process that incorporates client feedback to deliver exactly the copy our clients need.

Q: I have an event coming up that I want to promote and I don’t know where to start. How can you help me?

A: This is a common problem with all of the social media options available. We can simplify this process for you by helping you determine which social mediums are most likely to reach your client base and come up with a schedule that you can follow. If you’re super busy, we can even write your social media posts for you.

Q: I have a website, but I don’t blog. Do I need to start one?

A: We addressed this in one of our own blog posts. There are pros and cons, but it often comes down to whether it’s something you would enjoy or if it would feel like a burden. There are so many avenues for marketing your business, and no small business owner has time for them all. If one avenue makes you miserable, you can absolutely take a different one.

Q: I’m self-employed. Will you work with me?

A: Absolutely! We’ve built websites and designed marketing plans for many self-employed business people. Since we are a small business ourselves, we have a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by very small businesses and the self-employed.

Q: Is it expensive to get a logo?  My competitors have sophisticated logos, and I want to be able to compete with them online.

Logos are less expensive than you think. We can sit down to look at your competitors, and discuss how a logo and graphic design suite can benefit your business. This is a perfect example of why we offer free consultations: we want you to evaluate the benefits and upside to any marketing investment you make.