Looking for Local SEO That Businesses Rely On?

The internet is awash in websites. Some may be trivial, some may be critical, but all get in the way of users finding your site.

Bombastic has years of proven SEO and online advertising success, rooted in a few key strategies. Search Engine Optimization is a layered process requiring a methodical outlook that is up to date with the latest standards. Bombastic has come to the aid of many clients who, after taking bad advice on what they thought was a quick fix, found their site blacklisted by Google. The takeaway? There are no quick fixes in SEO. Our SEO services cover a variety of elements, ensuring that our customers see the results they are looking for.

A Strong Code Foundation

Every SEO strategy must begin with a properly designed website. The right SEO services involve establishing a strong base to build off of — having correct meta tags, page titles, site layout, and a keyword strategy is critical. If we haven’t built your site, we will provide a complimentary SEO audit and suggest improvements. A proper code foundation is also the basis of successful advertising campaigns, as SEO is all about data. With a strong base, marketing efforts can only improve.

SEO is an art and a science. Learn how SEO requires foundational work – followed up by regular content updates – in this Bombastic blog post.

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Raising your Profile Through Advertising

Registering your website on a few online directories is usually not enough to rise above the competition. With search engines and social media platforms changing their algorithms, you need to be intentional about being noticed. Bombastic creates managed online ad campaigns that are based on key metrics, so we can quickly adjust campaigns to maximize the impact for your budget. We offer online advertising Redmond WA businesses can trust — from start to finish, we can adapt and change advertising efforts as needed to give our customers the best chance possible of being noticed by their target audience.

Supporting Local Search

A business dependent on customers located within a certain geographic area must be built and listed with that geography in mind. Bombastic understands the code and listings necessary to make local searches a success. With target keywords and other metrics, we can ensure local SEM efforts are focused on a specific target market so people within that area notice our customers’ business. Local search is more important than ever and our services focus heavily on building a strong local presence.

Interacting With Online Marketing

The best SEO strategy is one that understands the intersecting elements of your online marketing plan. Using the right keywords in blogs, using a discount coupon promotion, and other tactics are used to boost visibility in search engines. Having siloed programs will leave a business struggling for results — our Bombastic team knows that every part of a marketing plan needs to be in unison in order for SEO efforts to be successful.

Customized Strategies

Search results vary greatly by town and industry. Some sectors are incredibly competitive when it comes to search rankings. As a local Redmond, WA online advertising firm, Bombastic conducts a competitive keyword analysis to get a realistic picture of how much effort, and whether it’s going to take a large budget, to break through a noisy marketplace. We understand that every business is different and, therefore, needs different marketing solutions. This is why we work with our customers every step along the way to ensure their marketing plan is right for their specific business.

The Bombastic team has the knowledge and experience needed to build and change your website as needed to improve rankings. From web design to SEO and advertising, we want to help promote your brand in the best way possible. So if you’re looking for more visibility in a crowded online market, then call us today — we offer a free SEO audit and our team can’t wait to get started on your marketing plan.

We asked Amy at Bombastic Design to redo our website as we liked the look of the other sites she had recently done. As part of her redesign, she created our website to work with different sized devices. We are very pleased with the way she represented us and perhaps more importantly, we immediately started getting more views on our website and on social media. After several months we are still experiencing considerably increased traffic. We would highly recommend Bombastic Web Design for anyone looking for a better web presence and more exposure.

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