There is no right or wrong way to go about social media. As long as it’s in the community guidelines, you are free to post whatever kind of content you want.

Your sister’s graduation.

A picture of your beloved pet.

And though some might find it aggravating, even your Starbucks order can be uploaded onto your timeline.

However, if you’re using certain platforms for marketing and advertising your business, there are definitely some mistakes you want to avoid when diving into it for the first time.

Social media can help you drastically grow and start seeing some impressive numbers when it comes to your marketing strategy. After all, these days, online ads on Instagram or Twitter can generate more leads than your basic commercial on daytime cable.

It’s cheaper, too.

So if you’re ready to commit to a social media based advertising strategy, here are a few mistakes to avoid.

wrong way to advertise

Not understanding the platform

There are so many social media sites to keep up with now, it’s hard to understand the mechanisms behind each and every one. Unless you have someone running your online presence, that responsibility falls upon the business owner.

You need to have an understanding of not just the basics, but of the advanced. What kind of posts do well on which specific platform? What grabs your audience’s attention, and when’s the best time to post?

These are just a few questions to consider when constructing your online marketing plan. Investing in a course based on your platform of choice is an excellent way to grasp all the concepts of a particular social network.

Cohesion matters

You want to be found easily on the web, amidst a sea of small businesses and web marketers. Having the same logo design, header, profile picture, and style across all of your accounts is a must when you’re trying to upkeep your image.

Stick with something professional, but be consistent. Have a cohesive theme, or a palate of colors that’s true to your brand.

Not having a company blog

So you have a running website. Check.

What about Twitter? Check.

Instagram and Facebook? Check and check.

These are the basic platforms you need to start advertising online, but have you ever considered a blog for your website? A blog can undoubtedly double your outreach and help make your site SEO-friendly. So the next time someone Googles ‘how to change a tire’ they have a good chance of stumbling across your post and are likely to find out about your tire business.

You’ll also be creating your own content to post across all of your social media sites and also improve your web visibility when you utilize SEO practices. Fourteen million small business have invested in SEO because they see its value, so it can be a great move for your marketing strategy too.

Not designing a pleasing website

You want your site to be visually pleasing. Having a great sense of design just screams ‘I’m a professional!’ Your site is an extension of your business, so it’s important that you invest in one that looks clean, modern, informative, but not overwhelming.

Tying it all together

It takes a lot of brain power to run your entire online marketing division. Luckily, there are resources out there to help you improve your social media and blogging skills.

As long as you recognize how important online marketing is to your business, are willing to put in the work, and avoid these common mistakes, you can succeed.

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